The Benefits of a Flexible Working Space

A new concept in work and office space gives you the ability to choose when you need to use all the facilities of an office – but with the flexibility of no long-term commitment.  Devon Work Hubs are designed to give you a pleasant and modern space to work, have business meetings and get advice on business matters.  Why rent office space and commit to a long contract?  At Devon Work Hubs there are no costly overheads or commuting charges.  You only pay for the time you need to use the hub.

Flexible work space means more freedom to choose when you want to work. Starting up or growing an existing small business can be tough. With remote office working, support and advice on hand, and the modern facilities at Devon Work Hubs – we can help you every step of the way.

Give Devon Work Hubs a try and see what a difference it can make to your business.  Work hubs are available currently at 5 different sites in the Devon area and more planned you can be sure to find the office space you need. Book your hot desk today from as little as £5!

Office Spaces in Devon

Looking for quality office space in Devon can be a bit of a minefield, and can be “hit and miss”.  Finding the right space for your office takes time and money that many start up and small businesses just can’t afford.  If you’re lucky enough to find the right office then you will have to fit it out, sort out rates and rent plus install internet, office equipment and more.  Very quickly your dreams can turn to dismay as your bank balance is stretched with the costs of having your own office space.

Devon Work Hubs offer a low cost, flexible work space to suit all types and sizes of businesses.  With 5 centres already open in the Devon area, and more planned, you can now find everything you want for your fledgling or growing business needs for as little as £5 a day.  No more worrying about the monthly bills, as you can work when you need to and only pay for the days you use the fantastic facilities at the work hub.

Pop along today to discuss your individual needs and find out how Devon Work Hubs can help your business stay ahead and have a promising future.

Office Space with Other Entrepreneurs

Whether you are trying to start up a new business, expand an existing business or just looking for work or office space in the Devon area, you will find everything you could need at Devon Work Hubs.  Our flexible work hubs are used by many different types of businesses and offer modern facilities, meeting areas and a support system that can aid your business growth.

Shared office space can help you stay motivated, introduce you to others in a similar situation and make useful business contacts.  As your confidence and networking skills develop your business could potentially grow.  With the support, encouragement and input from others sharing the work hub you can get the best of both worlds.  Sharing office space with others can work well for many businesses.

From as little as £5 per day you can book your space in one of 5 amazing work hubs across Devon.  Join in with the new and flexible revolution that gives businesses a chance to shine without huge outlays or expensive office rentals.  Collaborate with other entrepreneurs and enjoy the perks of a modern office space without the high costs or commuting bills.  Learn from peers and take advantage of the chance to work alongside other innovative and vibrant people within the community.

Finding a Suitable Working Environment

The space and facilities where you work play a large part in your ability to work well.  You are much more likely to have a productive working day if you have the correct office tools, a calm and encouraging environment, and less stress.  Finding a suitable working environment is not always easy.  Office space is at a premium and many smaller businesses have found that they simply cannot afford to rent and still make a living.

If you do manage to find an office in your budget then you will need to pay for services, furniture and equipment.  Again, costing you precious money and time.  Or you could take a look at what Devon Work Hubs has to offer and find out the benefits of a flexible work space.  Devon Work Hubs offer space for all types of businesses to work from in a calm, friendly and well equipped modern office.  With internet, an address that you can use for business post, other entrepreneurs offering advice and support, plus much more.

Finding a suitable workspace, environment, and all of the modern facilities you need is essential to being able to work productively and could help your business to grow and expand.  Contact us today and see what Devon Work Hubs can do for you and your business.

Finding a Suitable Office in Devon

With the rising cost of business rentals appropriate office space is hard to find or simply beyond the budget for many small and new businesses.  With space at a premium many small companies are turning to business hubs to provide the flexible work space and facilities they need, when they need them.

In Devon there is a shortage of suitable office space and with the high costs of maintaining an office we have a solution that is readily available to all and provides a comfortable and clean working environment.  Devon Work Hubs offer flexible work spaces in 5 different areas of Devon, in places such as Totnes, Okehampton, Tavistock, Cullompton and Exeter.

Whether you are looking for a place to hold a meeting, desk space with access to high speed internet, plan to move your business closer to home and avoid the high fuel costs that go with commuting long term, Devon Work Hubs has a solution for you.  Helpful business advice and ideas to enable your business to grow, no long term commitment on rent or large bills and free coffee are just some of the perks our current hub users love.

Come along today and see how Devon Work Hubs can help you and your business.

Affordable Hot Desking Solutions

Devon Work Hubs is an innovative concept in the world of office space, where you can rent a desk and all of the facilities of a modern office by the day and therefore keep business costs down. Devon Work Hub offers affordable hot-desking solutions for any type or size of business. We are currently open in 5 different areas of Devon with plans to possibly expand in the future to meet the needs of many start up and small businesses.

Whether you are starting your first business, looking to expand your current office space or moving your business to the Devon area we have a hot-desking solution for all. On average, using a work hub can save up to 30% of the costs of renting your own office, savings that might give your business a better chance to thrive. With prices from just £5 per day we are affordable for all of your office needs.

Affordable hot-desking solutions are the way forward for many types of companies so come along today and see for yourself the facilities at one of our Devon Work Hubs. With broadband, a wide range of resources and support on site plus free coffee what are you waiting for?

Work your way with Devon Hub Sites

Devon Work Hubs is a network of professional working spaces that enables workers to pick and choose when they pop into an office space and how long they work there for. In fact, the host desk network is proving to be the answer to the old home or office dilemma for more and more professionals, and each hub offers everything you need to turn up and get to work…your way.

Many report a noticeable increase in productivity thanks to the office environment, and the flexibility to choose when you need it means you’ll be able to rely on a place to work, meet clients or prepare for those big presentations when you need it most.

Your work isn’t the only area you’ll notice improvements through using work hubs, as few realise how much doubling your home up as a work space eats in to the room for living. One minute the spare room looks plenty big enough for another desk and a computer, but once the paperwork and all those other office items creep their way in it can just appear cluttered. Most of us work far better in a tidy spot with everything in its place, and work hubs mean you can be guaranteed one as and when you need, meaning you get that little bit of space back to yourself at home.

The benefits of a shared office space

Working from home is something millions sit in their office and dream of every day, but those who actually do will often tell you that the reality isn’t quite the cosy, laidback experience we all dream of – in fact, it can be a bit of a pain. One of the biggest benefits of a shared office space is that having a place of work that’s more than a metre from your sofa means avoiding all those home distractions we tend not to notice of an evening or in our own time.

The television isn’t the only temptation when it comes to working from home, there’s also the kitchen and those snacks in the cupboard, the dog who thinks some company means walks whenever he lurks hopefully by the door and a whole other range of distractions. Shared office spaces are the best of both worlds, as more and more people are finding they can pop in and enjoy a quiet desk when they need to work away from home.

These friendly work spaces are attracting an increasing number of workers as they discover the benefits of hot desking, and prices start from just £5 per day for a desk in a professional environment.

Reduce your travel this year, use Devon Work Hubs

Being green may not seem like the most important aspect of running a business, but more and more people are becoming aware of the responsibility of companies to do their bit, and being conscious of the environment can also help workers on a more personal scale.

Devon Work Hubs offer local work hubs that mean shorter distances for thousands to travel each day, and the freedom to arrange meetings and days in an office without the long commute. Workers are free to find their local hub and take advantage of the hot desks available as and when they need to. They’re a safer option than long drives during winter weather, a way to work closer to home when there are reasons you don’t want to be far from your family, and they also mean thousands can cut their carbon footprints simply by cutting miles off their journeys every day.

Speaking of miles, working closer to home even just a few times each month can reduce your fuel costs, making your budget stretch further while you enjoy longer at home. Work hubs offer everything you’d find in your usual office, and there are even likeminded professionals doing the same, creating a supportive network of business minded co-workers close to your desk.

Working in Partnership with Microsoft

Anywhere Working Week 2013: Tavistock, 20 March

Anywhere Working is a Microsoft-led initiative to help you work smarter, healthier and more efficiently. We are very pleased to announce that together with Microsoft and the Tavistock Enterprise Hub we are organising an exciting day of activity in Tavistock on the 20th March.

This is a chance to hear inspiring talks on the future of work, meet current and aspiring flexible workers, help understand or be introduced to the latest Anywhere Working technology from Microsoft and meet the Anywhere Working team! There will also be chances to win exclusive Microsoft prizes!

To see the agenda for the day click here.

To book your FREE place go to the event website –