Blog: How far would you travel for coworking?

One of the best things about using a work hub is the flexibility. This means different things to different people, for some it’s the flexibility to work at a time that suits them, to use the facilities of an office only when needed or to work in an environment that suits their way of working.

The increasing availability of coworking retreats is an example of not only the spread of work hubs globally, but also suggests that the space in which we work in impacts how we work. A coworking retreat offers an immersive experience, and they are often marketed towards start ups.

Startup Basecamp has locations in San Francisco, Montreal and Brussels with more on the way. Here you can combine coworking with coliving, and they boast that you can “Hit the office as soon as you wake up”. Coworking giant WeWork recently opened 45 apartments in the same building as one of their hubs. There is a risk however that in this kind of environments, sleep will take a back seat, James Routeledge argued that ‘”Sleep faster” culture puts  entrepreneurs’ mental health at risk’.

This combination of a working and living space doesn’t seem strange to anyone who has ever worked from home, but the key difference is being surrounded by other workers and other small businesses. Perhaps it is that difference that is leading to significant investments into coliving spaces. The Harvard Business Review argued that people thrive in Coworking spaces because “Working amidst people doing different kinds of work can also make one’s own work identity stronger”.

Capture The works torbay But is there a way to get the benefits of a coworking retreat without the bed-to-office intensity and without the package deal? I would say absolutely! Devon is a hugely popular destination for tourists, with great travel links and a wide variety of options for accommodation. There are Devon work hubs in a number of beautiful market and coastal towns, with more opening soon. Each hub offers flexible memberships and daily hot-desking, as well as free coffee and wifi. Just look at this view from @theworkstorbay and tell me that’s not inspiring.

Maybe a trip to Devon, and a Devon Work Hub, would make all the difference to your business.

Image credits: Visit Devon and  The Works Torbay