Blog: Working from home, the work hub, or the office?

Today is #NationalWorkFromHomeDay. It’s a Work Wise UK initiative “to promote modern ‘smarter’ working practices such as agile, flexible, remote and mobile working, as well as working from home”. They argue that the UK needs to work smarter:

“Changing outdated working practices and implementing a Smarter Working strategy provides a real opportunity for Employers to build and retain skills, to give serious thought to the dilemmas of youth unemployment and an aging population and to then set the road map for real work force transformation, creating benefits for our workplace and society.”

While it might seem counter intuitive for Devon Work Hubs to promote a day for homeworking, their focus on smarter flexible working is closely aligned with our ethos. Devon Work Hubs was developed to offer the people of Devon “an office when needed”. In Devon it is estimated that there are 86,000 home-based workers, many of whom experience the downsides of homeworking as well as the positives.

On this day to celebrate working from home, a lot of people have been sharing a 2010 article by Edward Collier, in which he argues that “It’s time to stop the schlep to work” . He points out that teleworking has never been easier thanks to the increasing availability of fast internet connection from home and the willingness of managers to see homeworking as a solution to tight budgets and limited space. Despite the increasing opportunity for many to work from home, the pitfalls of working exclusively from home remain and are increased if you are self-employed. While getting out of the overcrowded office was the priority of 2010, in 2015 89% of businesses in the South West were micro businesses. These businesses have differnent challenges and a significant proportion of these businesses are based in homes.

Melissa Talago, founder of Campfire Communications, told the Guardian “I felt really frazzled amid the clutter so in a fit of pique I dismantled the spare bed and claimed the guest room as Campfire Communications”. For her the solution to homeworking chaos was to create a space within her home just for working, but many just don’t have that option.

There is an increasing understanding that not only does your space impact your productivity, but that what works best one day might not be what is best the next day. Suzanne Bearne compared different locations to work, trying out a coffee shop, a work hub, a private club, a landmark and her own flat. Each had their own benefits and distractions, and it is clear that she has worked out which spaces are suited to her different styles of working.

So if you love the flexibility of working from home, but yearn for some company, some structure or maybe just faster broadband, the answer could be a flexible hot desk at a Devon Work Hub. All our work hubs offer flexible desks and offices as and when required, and there is no need for a long-term commitment. Find out where your nearest hub is here.


Thanks to @sblandfo for the image!