Break free from the office with Devon Work Hubs

Have you ever found that you do your best work when you happen to have a change of scenery? Many workers find a surge in their motivation when they break free from the same desk they sit at day after day, and Devon Work Hubs are starting to replace the traditional work from home days.

Work hubs mean there’s more choice now than just that of the office desk or the odd day trying to work at home, as they offer an alternative to both that workers can use as often or as little as they want to. Professionals are free to manage their time and schedule to suit their projects, work and even moods, as hot desks are available from just £5 per day.

Devon Work Hubs are equipped with all those things workers need to get on with things in comfort, and they’re inspiring places for them to get on with exactly what they need to.  Innovative designs, layouts that offer privacy yet enable users to network and the freedom to choose their own working hours have seen many enjoy a renewed enjoyment of their working lives, and the hubs are growing every day. Find your nearest one and discover a freedom outside the 9 to 5.