Discover the Benefits of Flexibility in Business

Now more than ever flexibility is key in our businesses and in our attitudes to how we approach work, and Devon Work Hubs offer professionals across the county a flexible work space. We all need to keep an eye on outgoings, and using a work hub regularly instead of travelling to an office every day or renting an office space can make a huge difference to the company purse.

You’ll find everything you need for a productive work session in one of our Devon Work Hubs, including spacious desks, laser printing and broadband. Better yet, as you can pick and choose when to book a work space you only need to spend exactly what you need for office space, lowering costs.

The hubs are popular with home workers in particular, as they’re a happy medium for those who don’t need to be in the office every day but find working from home difficult. In Fact, it can actually increase concentration and productivity to share a space with others, and the peer to peer support network provided by a hub can offer reassurance. After all, bouncing business ideas off the cat isn’t quite the same as turning to a colleague!