Do you love the local life? Use Devon Work Hubs

As office space rates in central areas become higher and higher, more and more companies are setting up out of town, and some even encourage working from home to save on the space. What better time to rediscover the perks of working locally? Devon Work Hubs are a network of desks and working communities that mean individuals, teams and businesses can choose to hire space and desks closer to home – or where they actually need to be.

The advantages of enjoying a shared office space not only mean freedom and flexibility, but working closer to home means professionals can re-enter their local community and support it at the same time. The opportunity to work in a shared hub closer to home means working closer to local amenities, the chance to rely on local shops and businesses and the reassurance of being closer to home.

Many who have worked from home know that it can be an isolating experience, and discovering a shared office space means that whole networks of workers can now work side by side in a professional atmosphere. Devon Work Hubs offer the chance to work where you need to, when it’s best for you. Find your nearest hub today.