Don’t Know Where to Work? Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

There’s one key time in a professional’s life when they feel the burning desire to succeed and provide like never before, and that’s also the time when working from home can get tricky – the arrival of a new baby. Any new mums and dads who have experienced the new frustration of missing baby’s bedtime due to the commute or getting stuck at the office will appreciate the advantages of a shared office space such as Devon Work Hubs.

Professionals can enjoy reliable broadband, a friendly environment and best of all – the freedom to book a space as and when they need to work away from home. Work hubs make it possible to get that task done and dusted without having to travel into the office, to enjoy the motivation of like-minded people nearby and work without distractions.

Those who use work hubs pay only for the slots they book, so they can enjoy all the benefits of being in the office without have to actually venture in. There are meeting spaces available to hire, and Devon Work Hubs even provide additional support for businesses if professionals need a little guidance along the way.