Find your local Work Hub

Let’s be honest, there are precious few of us who enjoy the journey to and from work, and however we get there it’s not often we don’t dream of teleporting ourselves to the office or even better – working closer to home. There is a solution to the dreaded commute, and all you need to do is find your local work hub and start hot-desking!

Thanks to a network of Devon hub sites, more people than ever are trading the company office for a local one. Devon Hub Sites is an affordable network of office spaces that means you can cut down your commute and discover the benefits of the hot desk that’s closer to home. You can expect everything you’d find in your work office (minus the overbearing boss!) and a friendly environment whenever you need it.

It’s not just the convenience you’ll notice about a local work hub, you’ll also find your fuel going further without that drive in every day and you can feel pleased with your reduced carbon footprint. Devon Work Hubs has a handy hub finder, so just enter your post code in to it to find the nearest hub to your home.