Home Working or Shared Office Space?

Working from home can seem like a great option if you are just starting a new business or have limited funds to spend on office space. However, there are definite downsides to having an office at home and some of these can in turn affect your business and also your lifestyle.

Shared office space in our Devon Work Hubs provides a new and exciting way to get the office space you have always wanted without the hassle of being disturbed by your family or friends at home or feeling isolated because you are working by yourself all of the time. With the flexible work space options found at any one of our hubs located across Devon you can be productive, get support from others and enjoy brainstorming over a coffee with friendly local business owners.

Devon Work Hubs provide solutions for all types of business and you choose when and how long you need to use the hub. Take full advantage of the great locations, business support and office facilities on offer, plus there’s even free coffee. Shared office space is a great choice for many types of business and it can really help your business become more profitable. Call us today on 01392 383194 to see how easy it is to book and use Devon Work Hubs.