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This Hub is currently under going refurbishment. Watch this space…

Part of the TechExeter family, this co-working space is built for people working in tech, with a mobile device library, bookshelf of technical manuals and a calm, distraction-free working space. And if you need a hand working something out, Kris & Tom are on hand to talk tech – from Asynchronous JS through to Zombie Processes, ask them anything – they love a challenge!

Hub@TechExeter Facilities

Our members enjoy free tea and coffee, super-fast internet access, lounge with games consoles (and Lego!), ergonomic desks and monitors, comfy chairs, and access to colour A4 + A3 printing, as well as A4 scan/copy. Our hardware hackspace has soldering stations, Raspbery Pis, spare PC parts and we can also facilitate access to the FabLab at Exeter library.

About TechExeter

Led by Kris Sum and Rob Glover, TechExeter is a central resource for all things tech related in and around Exeter.


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