The Harbour Works, Torquay
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The work spaces themselves are welcoming, filled with design classics such as Charles Eames DSW and Aluminium Office chairs and offering fabulous harbour views from both the shared office space and meeting room.

The meeting room offers a little more formality when required, whilst still maintaining the relaxed contemporary décor.

There is plenty of break-out space for you to relax, chat and network with a great bean-to-cup coffee and creative space displaying pieces from local artists and artisans.

Ideal for:

  • Early stage, one-person businesses who want somewhere to meet clients, network with similar people, book a meeting room with video conference facilities, print off presentation-quality sheets or simply just to have a good cup of bean-to-cup coffee!
  • Homeworkers, who want to escape from children, pets and the tendency to put on the washing machine between phone calls!
  • Plumbers, electricians – all trades, who want a quiet place to do estimates and invoices.
  • Corporate memberships for professionals and larger companies in the Bay, who wish to meet with clients.
  • Companies with low carbon concerns who want to reduce travel costs.
  • Companies wanting business advice which will be readily available and can be booked.


Flexible deskspace
Meeting rooms
Networking events
Postal address
Onsite parking