Reduce your travel this year, use Devon Work Hubs

Being green may not seem like the most important aspect of running a business, but more and more people are becoming aware of the responsibility of companies to do their bit, and being conscious of the environment can also help workers on a more personal scale.

Devon Work Hubs offer local work hubs that mean shorter distances for thousands to travel each day, and the freedom to arrange meetings and days in an office without the long commute. Workers are free to find their local hub and take advantage of the hot desks available as and when they need to. They’re a safer option than long drives during winter weather, a way to work closer to home when there are reasons you don’t want to be far from your family, and they also mean thousands can cut their carbon footprints simply by cutting miles off their journeys every day.

Speaking of miles, working closer to home even just a few times each month can reduce your fuel costs, making your budget stretch further while you enjoy longer at home. Work hubs offer everything you’d find in your usual office, and there are even likeminded professionals doing the same, creating a supportive network of business minded co-workers close to your desk.