Shared Office Spaces and Helping the Environment

If you have ever wondered about your effect on the environment from long term commuting or running your business then Devon Work Hubs has a solution for you. It is widely documented that commuting to work daily and running a non energy efficient office is harmful to the environment. The benefit of working from a hub and using the shared office space means less commuting long distances and more people using the same space resulting in lower bills and energy usage compared to having your own office.

For example if you were meeting a client it would be much easier at a location close to both of you, Devon Work Hubs provides meeting rooms at low rates so you do not have to travel long distances. Shared heating, lighting and hot water not only means you have no large utility bills – it also means that the hubs are more energy efficient than a standard office, so more people use less energy all round.

In our modern and busy world energy saving and helping the environment should become in the fore front of many business owners minds. If we all do our bit then the impact can be dramatically reduced. Devon Work Hubs strive to help not only business owners but also the environment in a logical and flexible way.