The benefits of a shared office space

Working from home is something millions sit in their office and dream of every day, but those who actually do will often tell you that the reality isn’t quite the cosy, laidback experience we all dream of – in fact, it can be a bit of a pain. One of the biggest benefits of a shared office space is that having a place of work that’s more than a metre from your sofa means avoiding all those home distractions we tend not to notice of an evening or in our own time.

The television isn’t the only temptation when it comes to working from home, there’s also the kitchen and those snacks in the cupboard, the dog who thinks some company means walks whenever he lurks hopefully by the door and a whole other range of distractions. Shared office spaces are the best of both worlds, as more and more people are finding they can pop in and enjoy a quiet desk when they need to work away from home.

These friendly work spaces are attracting an increasing number of workers as they discover the benefits of hot desking, and prices start from just £5 per day for a desk in a professional environment.