The joys of hot-desking

Technology has given us many fantastic things over the years, and one of the most recent perks for office workers is the freedom of hot-desking. Why not take the idea of an office hot desk a step further (and closer to home) and try Devon Work Hubs? Work hubs can be found across the county, so all you need to do is break those office shackles and find your nearest one!

Offices everywhere are discovering the rise in productivity that comes with flexible working, and if you’re ready to branch out and work closer to home – or competition is fierce for your office’s hot desk it may be time to discover your own hub.

Whether you just need somewhere more inspiring to work from time to time as a change or somewhere with a professional image to meet clients and associates, Devon Work Hubs require no long-term commitment, so you can work your visits to them around your work schedule. The concept of the hot desk has left the office, and you can have one to call your own (well when it suits you). Enjoy a professional atmosphere while you work and rediscover the sociable side of working close to others.