Find a Flexible Work Space Close to You

There are all kinds of changes in life that leave us in need of a more flexible work space. Changes at home, financial strains and business demands can pop up at any time, leaving thousands of workers thinking of a solution to the dilemma of where to work. Devon Work Hubs are proving to be the answer for more and more home workers, as they’re close to home, cheaper than renting an office space and far more professional than working from home.

Work hubs are designed to offer a relaxed yet motivating place to work as and when you need to, and additional services available include business support and even training workshops. They’re a great way to meet new people if you work from home, and you’ll benefit from all the things you’d find in a company office.  The events also offer the chance to learn more about business concepts and ideas before making any big decisions, and you’ll be supported as much as you need along the way.

With work hubs gaining popularity every month, more and more are appearing throughout the county. Find your nearest one today and discover a whole new way of working.

Don’t Know Where to Work? Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

There’s one key time in a professional’s life when they feel the burning desire to succeed and provide like never before, and that’s also the time when working from home can get tricky – the arrival of a new baby. Any new mums and dads who have experienced the new frustration of missing baby’s bedtime due to the commute or getting stuck at the office will appreciate the advantages of a shared office space such as Devon Work Hubs.

Professionals can enjoy reliable broadband, a friendly environment and best of all – the freedom to book a space as and when they need to work away from home. Work hubs make it possible to get that task done and dusted without having to travel into the office, to enjoy the motivation of like-minded people nearby and work without distractions.

Those who use work hubs pay only for the slots they book, so they can enjoy all the benefits of being in the office without have to actually venture in. There are meeting spaces available to hire, and Devon Work Hubs even provide additional support for businesses if professionals need a little guidance along the way.

Enjoy Business Support in a Shared Office Space

There are all kinds of advantages of using a shared office space, and at Devon Work Hubs you’ll also benefit from one important service – business support. Whether you’re just starting out and need guidance and some reassurance along the way, or if you just appreciate an expert opinion on your company and the decisions it requires, Devon Work Hubs can offer professional support to suit your needs.

As a hub user, you can enjoy support in the form of mentoring, and all advice will be carefully tailored so that it’s applicable to your business and situation. Even a small helping hand can make a big difference to your confidence and business strategies, so take advantage of this unique service if you’re already using Devon hubs.

Devon Work Hubs are innovative, professional work spaces that make the perfect environments for auctioning new ideas and getting a business going, and they have all the facilities you’ll need to start building a reputation in your chosen field. You’ll find yourself working alongside like-minded professionals, so you can enjoy a productive environment that’s more charged than the everyday company office. Just choose your local work hub and start enjoying the advantages of flexible working.

Discover the Benefits of Flexibility in Business

Now more than ever flexibility is key in our businesses and in our attitudes to how we approach work, and Devon Work Hubs offer professionals across the county a flexible work space. We all need to keep an eye on outgoings, and using a work hub regularly instead of travelling to an office every day or renting an office space can make a huge difference to the company purse.

You’ll find everything you need for a productive work session in one of our Devon Work Hubs, including spacious desks, laser printing and broadband. Better yet, as you can pick and choose when to book a work space you only need to spend exactly what you need for office space, lowering costs.

The hubs are popular with home workers in particular, as they’re a happy medium for those who don’t need to be in the office every day but find working from home difficult. In Fact, it can actually increase concentration and productivity to share a space with others, and the peer to peer support network provided by a hub can offer reassurance. After all, bouncing business ideas off the cat isn’t quite the same as turning to a colleague!

Work Hubs – Ideal for any Business

Many people are not aware of the concept of Work Hubs – Here in Devon we have a range of locations in great cities that offer shared office space and a flexibility that you won’t find from a traditional office setting. Work Hubs are one of the best ways to help your start-up, existing or growing business survive. Simply because we offer you many more choices and can help with advice and networking with other local businesses.

Working from one of our hubs across Devon gives you so much more freedom than having your own rented office space. With 6 different locations you could save money in travel costs, using a Work Hub near your home also means you are closer to existing and potential customers. Any size business is welcomed at the hub where we encourage users to get to know others and give friendly advice if needed.

Whether you just need to hire a meeting room or want to work in our shared office space, Devon Work Hubs has a flexible and reasonably priced solution for you and your business. Come along and see us today, enjoy a coffee and find out for yourself what Devon work Hubs can do for you to support your business.

Work Hub Check List

If you are considering moving your business to a Work Hub or are looking for affordable solutions to start up or grow an existing business it is advisable to make a check list – With the pro’s and con’s of any potential space or office you are interested in. Many people find that by making a check list they are able to put things into perspective easier and decisions can be clearer.

Consider what you feel are most important to you and your business when writing your check list, common pro’s for many businesses are:

  • Ease of commuting or distance from home
  • Internet connection and speed, preferably WiFi.
  • Length of contract time and amenities included
  • Closeness to support and networking groups

There are many more items that can be added to your list before choosing where the best place for your business should be. Check out the list of amenities available to all at our Work Hubs below and see how many of your check list boxes we already fill.

  • Access to reliable WiFi
  • No contract Hot Desking
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Networking Events
  • Office Facilities (printer, scanner & copying)
  • Free use of meeting room (fair use policy applies)
  • In house use of ‘Intrapreneurs’
  • Creative Environment

All this from just £10 per day and no fixed term contract. Contact us today for more information about your local Work Hub on 01392 383194.

Why a Workspace is Ideal for Your Business

Whether your business is in the early stages or simply looking for more affordable and flexible work space, then a workspace at Devon Work Hubs could be ideal for you. Offering high quality and affordable solutions to business owners across the Devon area, Work Hubs are a new concept that is accessible to all no matter the size of your business or how quickly you want to grow.

Using a workspace at your local hub gives you a chance to network, to communicate with other business owners and gain valuable advice from others in similar situations. You never know you might even find a mentor. Because there are no set up fees or lengthy contracts you can choose when to use the hub and when to work from home. You don’t have to feel isolated working from home and our facilities even include free coffee just in case you need help with those all-nighters. Workspaces and shared office space are just one way to lower your outgoings and keep your business ahead of the competition.

Come along and see for yourself how a workspace could be perfect for your business needs, meet other hub users and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Shared office space has never been so flexible and with low prices you can work on making a better profit from your business while taking advantage of Wi-Fi, networking events, business support and more. Contact us on 01392 383194 for more information.

Shared Office Spaces and Helping the Environment

If you have ever wondered about your effect on the environment from long term commuting or running your business then Devon Work Hubs has a solution for you. It is widely documented that commuting to work daily and running a non energy efficient office is harmful to the environment. The benefit of working from a hub and using the shared office space means less commuting long distances and more people using the same space resulting in lower bills and energy usage compared to having your own office.

For example if you were meeting a client it would be much easier at a location close to both of you, Devon Work Hubs provides meeting rooms at low rates so you do not have to travel long distances. Shared heating, lighting and hot water not only means you have no large utility bills – it also means that the hubs are more energy efficient than a standard office, so more people use less energy all round.

In our modern and busy world energy saving and helping the environment should become in the fore front of many business owners minds. If we all do our bit then the impact can be dramatically reduced. Devon Work Hubs strive to help not only business owners but also the environment in a logical and flexible way.

Small Business Start-Up Location

When looking for the ideal location to start up a new business venture many people find the frustration and lack of available office space extremely off putting. Finding the ideal location for your business can seem like an endless task and there are a whole host of things to consider before you take the leap and exchange contracts and get your business on the road to success.

Utility bills, internet and telephone connections, rental prices, office furniture and taxes are just some of the things that need to be organised before you can even get your business going. This reason alone is why many start-ups and small businesses are heading to Devon Work Hubs. With modern work hubs centrally located across Devon you can have all of the office space you need at a price that is affordable and won’t cripple your business before you get going.

Shared office space is not a new concept, Devon Hubs have used the idea and transformed empty buildings into homes for many start-up and small enterprises; enabling them the space and flexibility to work and produce results. No long contracts or waiting for utilities to be connected means your business can hit the ground running and take advantage of the facilities we offer when you want them. Pay by the day or month and work as often or as little as you need to. Check our website for more information on hub locations and facilities.

Home Working or Shared Office Space?

Working from home can seem like a great option if you are just starting a new business or have limited funds to spend on office space. However, there are definite downsides to having an office at home and some of these can in turn affect your business and also your lifestyle.

Shared office space in our Devon Work Hubs provides a new and exciting way to get the office space you have always wanted without the hassle of being disturbed by your family or friends at home or feeling isolated because you are working by yourself all of the time. With the flexible work space options found at any one of our hubs located across Devon you can be productive, get support from others and enjoy brainstorming over a coffee with friendly local business owners.

Devon Work Hubs provide solutions for all types of business and you choose when and how long you need to use the hub. Take full advantage of the great locations, business support and office facilities on offer, plus there’s even free coffee. Shared office space is a great choice for many types of business and it can really help your business become more profitable. Call us today on 01392 383194 to see how easy it is to book and use Devon Work Hubs.