Shared Office Spaces – Being Part of the Right Environment

Working from home can be a tireless and lonely experience for some people. Without support from others in similar situations or even a friendly face to say hello to the experience of running your own business can be a daunting one. That is why many business owners have decided to take advantage of the facilities and great atmosphere found at any one of the 6 Devon Work Hubs. Our flexible work space is great for any type or size of business and offers the potential to meet, learn from and get advice from other business owners.

Using a shared office space can help with your attitude and motivation towards work. Without the daily grudge of going to your office alone your productivity can grow along with the support from others. Choose when you want to work and which hub suits you best, payment is flexible and you will find our prices are great.

Join in with regular events held at Devon Work Hubs and learn new tasks and skills that can help you get ahead in a competitive world. Networking is the key to helping promote your business so working alongside other business owners can be good for not only morale but also your business growth.

Grow Your Office Space with Your Business

As your business grows so does your need for more office space, and keeping up with a growing business can be a hard task without the right facilities. Devon Work Hubs offers a solution for all your business needs, no matter how large or small your business is. Flexibility, support and a range of locations across the Devon area mean that you can be confident that your business can grow and expand to reach more potential customers without the headache of permanent office space.

Work Hubs are a new concept that actively help any size business by providing them with the facilities they need – without a lengthy contract and hefty rental prices, which can be a massive burden for many new businesses. Take charge of your business and allow it to grow at a speed you are comfortable with, get support from other business owners and see how networking can change your business for good.

At Devon Work Hubs you can rent as much office space as you need and pay by the month or day, letting you decided when to work and when to take time off. Regular events and support from others in a similar situations can solve some of your business worries, while you enjoy a chat and pick peoples brains over a cup of coffee. Come along to one of our work hubs take a look around, check the facilities and find out how we can help your business grow. For more information please contact us on: 01392 383194

Finding the Perfect Office Space has Never been Easier

Finding the perfect office space for your business can be a tedious and frustrating experience. With the high price of office rentals, lack of facilities and long contracts being a stumbling block, some businesses can fail before they even get started. Then there is the problem of solitude and boredom that comes with working alone in an office.

Work Hubs provide a flexible solution to your office space dilemma’s and offer a pleasant working environment with support and great facilities at a low cost. You can decide when to use our hubs and pay by the day or month with no fixed term contact. Ideal for start-up or growing businesses, work hubs are a new innovative way to help your business function well and grow.

You no longer need to spend precious time looking for office space and arranging for internet or setting up regular bill payments. Work from one of our 6 hubs across Devon and you can truly have that flexible working arrangement that helps your business to succeed, which will free up your time to focus on the most important thing: your business. Join other hub users today and learn how Devon Work Hubs has given them the support and choices that suit their business needs.

Local Business Resources on Hand

The freedom to choose the days you work and having local business resources on hand makes Devon Work Hubs the ideal place for your business. Whether you are a start-up business or established company we can help with networking and advice from other business owners. Our flexible work space options are truly a fantastic concept and many business owners agree.

Devon Work Hubs provide a safe, secure and friendly environment for you to work from. With modern facilities that can actually help your business thrive and low overheads compared to many large office spaces. There are no long term contracts or lengthy administration costs, you can simply book which hub you want to use from a choice of six prime locations across Devon and then turn up on the day. Payment can be on a daily rate or monthly plan to suit you, the business owner.

Meet other local business owners and get involved with our networking events. There’s no need to feel isolated or alone, when there are others around to support and advise you. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, free coffee and high speed internet available at each hub. Working from one of the Devon Work Hubs means you can easily stay in touch with local business owners and your clients.

Business Start-Up Must Haves

What does every new business need? Can you name the best business start-up must haves? Take a look at our list of the most useful things every new business needs to survive in a competitive and ever changing world. Without the correct equipment as well as space to grow and support some new businesses are doomed to failure, here at Devon Work Hubs we can help your business thrive.

Must Haves for a Start-Up Business

  • A central location close to where your potential customers are.
  • Support from other business owners with helpful advice.
  • Telephone and internet connections – much needed in today’s world.
  • A place to work, grow, plan and achieve; with facilities that encourage productivity.

Devon Work Hubs offer all of the above and more. You can choose how often to use the hub based on how much you want to spend or how many days you feel that you need to be in the office. Allowing your business to grow at a rate you are comfortable with and without over stretching yourself. There are no contracts tying you to expensive office rentals just flexible work space to give your start-up business the best chance of success. Contact us today on 01392 383194 and see how Devon work Hubs can work for you.

Cullompton Work Hub Opening

Come along for the official opening of The Cullompton Work Hub at the Hayridge on Friday 21st June at 11am. This is an opportunity for you to visit the work hub and see what facilities they can offer you.

Tim Duxbury, Centre Manager at the Hayridge, Cullompton – “I feel it will help start up and small business’s find their feet at a time when cash and resources are critical – with desks starting at £5 per day you can’t really beat it!  It offers local entrepreneurs and home workers a fresh alternative work space to be productive and network.”

Follow this link to book your FREE ticket for this event –

Tea, coffee and cream teas shall be served throughout the day.

Flexible Working Spaces and Hours

With Devon Work Hubs you get total flexibility in your working hours, no more having to go to the office daily if you don’t want to. How does total flexibility, no large rental bills for office space and the chance to meet other local entrepreneurs sound? At Devon Work Hubs we are committed to helping your business thrive and grow, offering low cost shared office space, meeting rooms and fantastic facilities for you to work from.

You might be starting a new business venture or trying to build up a client base for an existing business, and with Devon Work Hubs you can work when you need to, leaving you free to manage other commitments or enjoy days off without feeling guilty. Without a lengthy contract or bills for services and utilities you will find you can budget better and also make savings.

Each of our 6 Work Hubs are designed with business in mind and facilities include high speed and reliable internet, modern printers and desks,  a meeting room for you to use when you need it, a mailing address to run your business from and even free coffee. Working from a hub is the way forward for many businesses so pop along today, come and meet us and find out how flexible working space and hours can be good for your business. Call us today on 01392 383194 for more information.

Benefits of Sharing Office Space

Sharing office space with other budding entrepreneurs has huge possible benefits for your business. Not only can you take advantage of lower rental fees and flexible working but you can instantly start networking and get your business known in professional circles. Co-working or sharing office space is now a new phenomenon, but a concept improved by Devon Work Hubs that is good for the environment, your business and the local area.

Using flexible work space is a fantastic idea for any size or type of business, giving you the chance to meet others, network and problem solve in a friendly atmosphere that can help productivity. Working from home is not feasible for everyone and can be lonely, whilst working from one of our 6 hubs gives you many more opportunities to get quality advice and support.

Devon Work Hubs offer flexible work space at fantastic rates, with no long term contracts or huge fees. You work when you want and when your budget allows. Drop by for an informal chat, a chance to take a look at the facilities we offer and a coffee with other hub users. Find out for yourself why Devon Work Hubs can be the best way to run your and expand your business and gain a better insight into local markets.

All you need at a Work Hub

Devon Work Hubs are an innovative way to help business owners get ahead of the game. Flexible and shared office space means no large rental bills or utility costs so you can budget easier and choose when you need to work. Using one of our 6 hubs in prominent places across Devon means you are closer to your home and customers, have less travel costs as opposed to commuting and much more flexibility all round.

At all of our work hubs you will find great facilities included in our flexible prices. High speed and reliable internet, modern printers, a layout that suits any type of business, plus meeting rooms and even free coffee. Without a lengthy contract or the other worries that come with having your own office space.

Working from a hub means you can get support and advice when you need it, regular events are held where you get the chance to meet other business owners which can help with networking and spreading the news about your business. With a friendly atmosphere at hand, excellent facilities and locations  plus the chance to help your business grow you will soon understand why so many businesses are opting for a work Hub based in Devon. Call in or take a explore our website for more information and to book your shared office space today.

Okehampton Work Hub Open

f you work from your home, your car or a cafe, the Okehampton Work Hub may be just what you need!  Open for business, the work hub is based with the BIP at Okehampton Business Centre and is a very accessible workspace, just a few minutes drive from the A30 with ample on-site free parking.

Desk space is available to rent by the hour, day, week or month. There are meeting rooms, free WIFI and the use of computers, storage lockers, printing and copying as well as experienced business advisors available by appointment.

BIP’s Managing Director, Stewart Horne, said:  “This provides the first step for businesses that are looking to grow, from desk space in the Work Hub, to office space in Okehampton Business Centre and in the future through the follow on space being developed as part of the Enterprise Hub designation.”

To contact Okehampton’s work hub, telephone the BIP at Okehampton Business Centre, on 0330 1000338 (free from mobiles & landlines), email: