Working in Partnership with Microsoft

Anywhere Working Week 2013: Tavistock, 20 March

Anywhere Working is a Microsoft-led initiative to help you work smarter, healthier and more efficiently. We are very pleased to announce that together with Microsoft and the Tavistock Enterprise Hub we are organising an exciting day of activity in Tavistock on the 20th March.

This is a chance to hear inspiring talks on the future of work, meet current and aspiring flexible workers, help understand or be introduced to the latest Anywhere Working technology from Microsoft and meet the Anywhere Working team! There will also be chances to win exclusive Microsoft prizes!

To see the agenda for the day click here.

To book your FREE place go to the event website –

Rediscover Your Motivation with Devon Hub Sites

We all have our own ways of working, our preferred ways of sitting, levels of organisation and little habits that help us deliver, but something shared by every professional is the battle against a lack of motivation now and then. Let’s be honest, there are some times when we’re left to our own devices when we just can’t muster the willpower to get on with it, and that’s where Devon Work Hubs come in.

Devon Work Hubs offer thousands of professionals a flexible work space to share with likeminded individuals – and they’re a great way to avoid those lulls in concentration. Freelancers, budding business people and mobile workers are enjoying the reassurance of a shared workspace that provides somewhere to work as and when they need it. Devon Hub Sites are thoughtfully designed to offer everything workers need to go about their business, and many find the company of fellow professionals helps them to stay focused.

Better yet, the hub sites mean a network of professionals as well as work spaces, so those who use them can enjoy company over breaks, meeting new people and even bouncing ideas off their fellow hub users, all aspects of day to day office life that many of us take for granted.

Do you love the local life? Use Devon Work Hubs

As office space rates in central areas become higher and higher, more and more companies are setting up out of town, and some even encourage working from home to save on the space. What better time to rediscover the perks of working locally? Devon Work Hubs are a network of desks and working communities that mean individuals, teams and businesses can choose to hire space and desks closer to home – or where they actually need to be.

The advantages of enjoying a shared office space not only mean freedom and flexibility, but working closer to home means professionals can re-enter their local community and support it at the same time. The opportunity to work in a shared hub closer to home means working closer to local amenities, the chance to rely on local shops and businesses and the reassurance of being closer to home.

Many who have worked from home know that it can be an isolating experience, and discovering a shared office space means that whole networks of workers can now work side by side in a professional atmosphere. Devon Work Hubs offer the chance to work where you need to, when it’s best for you. Find your nearest hub today.

Choose Devon Work Hubs for your networking event

How do you feel when you invite clients or visitors to your meet you in your office? Or do you work from home and face the regular struggle of choosing a restaurant or café for your meetings? Devon Work Hubs offer a flexible work space for thousands of professionals, and they can also form meeting places that present just the right image for your business or services.

There’s never a second chance to make a first impression, and a cluttered, noisy office or busy eatery don’t always help professionals to get it right. Booking the use of Devon Hub Sites as and when you need to means you can be sure of striking just the right note for that all-important meeting. All offices are stylish and spacious, and the flexibility to book them for as long as you need means you won’t have to contend with competition for the office meeting room or the pressure to leave a restaurant table before you’ve finished typing up those final points.

Work hubs provide all kinds of professionals with an environment designed to nurture individuals and their businesses, leaving them free to get the best from their new resource and go from strength to strength.

Break free from the office with Devon Work Hubs

Have you ever found that you do your best work when you happen to have a change of scenery? Many workers find a surge in their motivation when they break free from the same desk they sit at day after day, and Devon Work Hubs are starting to replace the traditional work from home days.

Work hubs mean there’s more choice now than just that of the office desk or the odd day trying to work at home, as they offer an alternative to both that workers can use as often or as little as they want to. Professionals are free to manage their time and schedule to suit their projects, work and even moods, as hot desks are available from just £5 per day.

Devon Work Hubs are equipped with all those things workers need to get on with things in comfort, and they’re inspiring places for them to get on with exactly what they need to.  Innovative designs, layouts that offer privacy yet enable users to network and the freedom to choose their own working hours have seen many enjoy a renewed enjoyment of their working lives, and the hubs are growing every day. Find your nearest one and discover a freedom outside the 9 to 5.

Working from home

Working from home rather than in the company office proves far more productive for many, in fact, it’s becoming more popular than ever before – and there are around 850,000 home workers in Devon alone. Devon Work Hubs offer a network of hubs across the county that make the experience even more enjoyable for thousands, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of working from home with all the convenience of shared office space.

Although many of us dream of a working day without the endless chatter of that particular colleague, the reality of day after day home alone can get a little tedious. Devon Work Hubs mean you can pop in to your own hub of an office and grab a desk as and when you fancy some company. You’ll also avoid those home internet struggles that can take the bloom of the home working rose, and you won’t have to commit beyond what you need.

Discover a professional, friendly workspace local to your home and enjoy the choice between like-minded individuals for company or a day to get on with things alone at home. If you need to meet clients, Devon Work Hubs will provide an impressive space for meetings to ensure you maintain the right image for your business.

Small business advice in Devon

Starting your own business is one of the most exciting things you can do, but we also appreciate that it can be a daunting prospect at the same time. Leaving the security of an office role and starting up on your own can leave you feeling unsure of the future and suddenly aware that a network of colleagues have been left behind, so enjoy the benefits of on-hand small business advice and shared office space with Devon Work Hubs.

Devon Work Hubs is a friendly community of work hubs for professionals, and their many services include tailored support for your business and mentoring in the areas that you need it. You can develop your new business with the freedom of a work hub and still have the reassurance that guidance is on hand if you feel you need it. Confidence grows with time when it comes to business, and having fast, easy access to a network of professional advice organisations will make all the difference during those early days.

It’s not all about peace of mind though, it’s also about impressions. The reputation of your new business is vital, and the support provided from your work hub will help you to make the right moves and build a glowing one.

Flexible work spaces in Devon

Here in Devon we’re known for our love of an easier pace of life, and while we’re not a county to shy away from hard work we also appreciate getting the job done away from the confines of a nine to five. The new selection of flexible work spaces in Devon makes it easier than ever to work from home without being stuck…well at home!

Devon Work Hubs is a network of spaces designed to work around your work routines, so no matter how little or how often you need to be at a desk you’ll be able to choose exactly when you turn up and when you don’t. There’s no need for a lengthy commitment, just let us know your needs and we’ll ensure that you have a motivating workspace to get on with what you do.

Research shows that many of us produce more when we have flexibility than we do stuck in the office for a set time each day, so it’s no surprise that many are making the most of local work spaces that work around them. The hubs are carefully designed to inspire, and they’re the perfect answer if you need a workspace that meets you half way.

Find your local Work Hub

Let’s be honest, there are precious few of us who enjoy the journey to and from work, and however we get there it’s not often we don’t dream of teleporting ourselves to the office or even better – working closer to home. There is a solution to the dreaded commute, and all you need to do is find your local work hub and start hot-desking!

Thanks to a network of Devon hub sites, more people than ever are trading the company office for a local one. Devon Hub Sites is an affordable network of office spaces that means you can cut down your commute and discover the benefits of the hot desk that’s closer to home. You can expect everything you’d find in your work office (minus the overbearing boss!) and a friendly environment whenever you need it.

It’s not just the convenience you’ll notice about a local work hub, you’ll also find your fuel going further without that drive in every day and you can feel pleased with your reduced carbon footprint. Devon Work Hubs has a handy hub finder, so just enter your post code in to it to find the nearest hub to your home.

Devon work spaces

As the demand for work hubs increases, there’s more and more opportunity to generate some extra money from unused Devon work spaces. Devon Work Hubs are creating a valuable network of professional places to work in a selection of areas across the county, so this is a great time to transform an empty work space into a thriving hub of a hot desk.

Why stare at an empty spot in the office when it could host all kinds of professionals who need somewhere to work? Thousands work from home every day, and a large number of them are looking for an office environment and facilities to make use of – and that’s where Devon Work Hubs come in. Work hubs can create lively shared working areas from unneeded offices or office space, and they benefit workers from all kinds of sectors.

Work hubs meet the needs of businesses and workers – not only who need additional and flexible space but also who need a way to generate revenue and make use of space. Devon Work Hubs help to boost productivity amongst workers and help owners get the most from their office spaces. Work hubs are proving to be the solution to more and more seeking to get the most from their space so don’t miss out!