Work your way with Devon Hub Sites

Devon Work Hubs is a network of professional working spaces that enables workers to pick and choose when they pop into an office space and how long they work there for. In fact, the host desk network is proving to be the answer to the old home or office dilemma for more and more professionals, and each hub offers everything you need to turn up and get to work…your way.

Many report a noticeable increase in productivity thanks to the office environment, and the flexibility to choose when you need it means you’ll be able to rely on a place to work, meet clients or prepare for those big presentations when you need it most.

Your work isn’t the only area you’ll notice improvements through using work hubs, as few realise how much doubling your home up as a work space eats in to the room for living. One minute the spare room looks plenty big enough for another desk and a computer, but once the paperwork and all those other office items creep their way in it can just appear cluttered. Most of us work far better in a tidy spot with everything in its place, and work hubs mean you can be guaranteed one as and when you need, meaning you get that little bit of space back to yourself at home.