Working from home?

Working from home or on the move may sound like the dream to those of us who work in offices, but it can have its downsides once the reality kicks in. Working on the move can be particularly stressful, as grabbing the odd hour here and there and tapping away squashed on trains isn’t quite the best environment to excel at business. That’s where work hubs come in.

Devon Work Hubs is a unique concept that’s taken hold of the county’s home and solo workers. It enables them to hire a workspace as and when they need one from just £5 per day – so they enjoy all the perks of an office with none of the distractions of good old home. It’s as simple as turning up, getting down to work and making the most of the free coffee when you need a bit of a break!

Another point many notice when they swap the spare room for a work hub is the difference it makes working close to others. The support of somebody to run ideas by or chat about the latest news in business is something we all take for granted until working by ourselves, and thanks to the design of Devon’s work hubs it’s another advantage of them.