Working from home

Working from home rather than in the company office proves far more productive for many, in fact, it’s becoming more popular than ever before – and there are around 850,000 home workers in Devon alone. Devon Work Hubs offer a network of hubs across the county that make the experience even more enjoyable for thousands, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of working from home with all the convenience of shared office space.

Although many of us dream of a working day without the endless chatter of that particular colleague, the reality of day after day home alone can get a little tedious. Devon Work Hubs mean you can pop in to your own hub of an office and grab a desk as and when you fancy some company. You’ll also avoid those home internet struggles that can take the bloom of the home working rose, and you won’t have to commit beyond what you need.

Discover a professional, friendly workspace local to your home and enjoy the choice between like-minded individuals for company or a day to get on with things alone at home. If you need to meet clients, Devon Work Hubs will provide an impressive space for meetings to ensure you maintain the right image for your business.